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Black Market Society



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Size : +/- 9 cm X 10 cm
Woven Patches Merchandise
Glued Shaped Woven Patches Merchandise
(Iron Sew on Shaped Patch Designed)
Limited Tribute Patches Merchandise
Music Band Woven Patch Merchandise
Made In High-Quality Manufactured Woven Patch
Grab 'Em Now or Lost in Desperate Cry !

Received from Our Partner in Limited Stocks
Once They're Gone, Then Gone Forever
Nice Limited Patch for Your Collection !
Fan-Made, Brand New, Never Ever Been Worn
Fan-Patch, High Quality Sew on Woven Patch

Grab 'Em Now or Lost in Desperate Cry !
Perfect for Sewing onto Bags, Jeans & Jackets, or in fact, wherever you like!
Will usually ship within 3-5 business day of receiving cleared payment-
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